Intense Vinyasa

60 mins
Jun 23
12 spots

This high-energy practice asks a lot but gives even more back.

It is meant for those with experience in Vinyasa, who wish to challenge their boundaries by going all-in. A class that leaves you energized and fulfilled.

• A powerful class, characterized by its high-energy and need for focus

• Forces you out of your head and onto your mat

• Challenges you to explore your physical and mental boundaries

• Creates a safe environment for trial and error

• Incorporates moments of free flow

• Not suitable for beginners, experience with yoga is a must


Charlotte de Beaumont

Instructor (substitute)


The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Charlotte de Beaumont

Instructor (substitute)

Charlotte started dancing at the age of 3 and has always been captivated by movement and the link in between the awareness of the physical body and the mind. After travelling to Bali she found a more profound layer to yoga and to life. For her yoga is the path of bringing out your inner light. Every time you’re on the mat could be an invitation to explore, to share, to create and to learn. She discovered that everyone has his own path and thanks to her dancing career she learned that each person and each body is unique.Charlotte loves sometimes to just sit still and do absolutely nothing. How good it can make you feel to take a step back and to listen and feel. Listening to your heart, your body and your intuition: to ‘just be’. The real beauty lies in the simplicity. Truly trusting in the power of a smile.From her younger years Charlotte has always been fascinated by the moon, she believes that there is a balance to everything in life. Her daily practice is to balance the solar and the lunar energy and to find the connection in between them and the world around us.