Nourishing Yin

60 mins
Sep 22
9 spots

Yin Yoga focuses on holding postures for a longer period of time (3-5 minutes). By staying in poses for multiple minutes, you allow yourself to experience poses to the fullest while stretching both body and mind. Yin yoga is restorative, suitable for both beginning and advanced yogis.

• Encourages you to lie down and relax with a bundle of cushions and blankets

• Gives you a break from chasing every thought or emotion

• Has you smile away that little voice in your head that denies you from total relaxation

• The perfect way to surrender to gravity and open up (literally!)

• Creates inner and outer space, clarity and calmness

• Helps you to find comfort in discomfort


Yessica Ypma



The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Yessica Ypma


‘Making the world a better place’. After years of studying and backpacking trips, this became Yessica’s primary objective. Idealistic as she was, she was unapologetically ambitious during that mission. Electrified and euphoric about her dream, she embarked on a journey as part of a team within a big Development Association. It did not fill her heart in the way Yessica hoped though. Movement, sports, and health have always played a leading role in her life. It was at that particular stage that Yessica began to question whether these could only be ‘life’s pleasures”. Could they form the basis too? Questions that led her back to her base, the beginning. One that entails yoga, movement, and health as a starting point. Three factors that have brought her balance, and on top of that utter joy and happiness and much more. A form of awareness she happily shares with anyone she encounters.