Intense Vinyasa

60 mins
Sep 23
11 spots

This high-energy practice asks a lot but gives even more back.

It is meant for those with experience in Vinyasa, who wish to challenge their boundaries by going all-in. A class that leaves you energized and fulfilled.

• A powerful class, characterized by its high-energy and need for focus

• Forces you out of your head and onto your mat

• Challenges you to explore your physical and mental boundaries

• Creates a safe environment for trial and error

• Incorporates moments of free flow

• Not suitable for beginners, experience with yoga is a must


Chris Hettinga



The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Chris Hettinga


Chris’ yogic journey kicked-off when he started working as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, right after his studies ‘Sports & Exercising, Lifestyle & Health’. His deep dive consisted of a 200-hour Vinyasa – Ashtanga Teacher Program he underwent in Mandali and a comprehensive course in personal training. His fascination for movement and innovative ways to approach it in daily life, ignited his in-depth search for more knowledge and broader skills. A passion that has been refuelled and replenished every since he graduated. He is constantly on the hunt for ‘out of the box’ methods to enrich the body and loves to enroll in workshops and courses that focus on new or different ways of physical empowerment. His teaching style is characterized by his signature way of approaching the physique, which is derived from his own need to be in motion as often as possible. Feeling good in your body while having respect for its anatomy is Chris’ philosophy’s primary value.