Omni Vinyasa

60 mins
Jun 19
1 spots

"This Vinyasa class is for yogi of all levels."

Whether you’re a ‘Vinyasa rookie’ or you have practiced this form of yoga for a longer period doesn’t matter. The teacher will give you several options for each pose, which helps you to develop your practice in your own tempo.

• Use the music and your breath to find your flow

• Work on the alignment and depth of your postures

• Train your mind to stay with your intentions

• Stay inspired by the many sequences this class has to offer

• Room to stay true to yourself and how deep you want to go

• Keep coming back to get more and more acquainted with your own practice


Roos Metje Smit

Instructor (substitute)


The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Roos Metje Smit

Instructor (substitute)

Roos’ yogic journey started a couple of years ago when she felt a strong urge to ground herself. To discover ways to be in the moment entirely and to find harmony in all her ways of ‘being’. Roos knows; you can be Woke & Wild, and one does not rule out the other. A vision that Roos gladly illustrates during her classes. Her focus lays on opening up, letting go and empowering. Although she puts a strong emphasis on female energy, her classes aren’t less suitable for men. However, one thing’s for sure: Roos believes that in order to be awake, you need to have an open heart. When she’s off the mat, you can find Roos in a boulder hall, dancing in her room or twirling around a hoop in a parc. She loves (vegan) cooking and finds her peace behind rattling pots and pans. Potluck picnic anyone?