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Circular breathing & Yoga

60 mins
Sep 28
20 spots

“The power of breath. Shake up, re energise, and heal”

An incredible healing practice that uses the breath to really wake up and shake up the physical and energetic body. This encourages a lot of energy to run through the system and after this deep breathing the body & mind go into relaxation - where the real healing can happen. By simply resting and allowing energies to surface, we create the possibility of cleaning out all kinds of physical and/or emotional blockages.

  • Detoxifying and cleansing, and at the same time can have a deep spiritual component
  • Some soft yoga postures or shaking practices will support the healing process
  • Staying present in your body and simply observing what is rising and falling in your field of awareness – that’s the invitation


Sjoerd Dragtsma



The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Sjoerd Dragtsma


After a flirt with yoga in his twenties, it were the Shamanic traditions from the Amazon that led Sjoerd back to the path of yoga in 2014. This time he was naturally and inevitably drawn into the yogic fire. These sacred plant traditions Sjoerd experienced offered him profound glimpses about the meaning of Life and how we are conditioned to limit ourselves because of the evolutionary need to stay ‘safe and secure’. More insight and embodiment came when he underwent a 500-hour ‘Delight Yoga Teacher Training’ with Katiza Satya Ivulic and Kevin Sahaj in 2016-2018.Sjoerd’s classes are also influenced by his shamanic path and have an emphasis on the meditative and healing aspects of yoga.He invites everyone to give space to whatever arises. And to lovingly witness these energy’s and start seeing them for what they truly are, just by simply ‘be’.