‘Omni Vinyasa’ has been canceled.

Omni Vinyasa

60 mins
Sep 28
20 spots

"This Vinyasa class is for yogi of all levels."

Whether you’re a ‘Vinyasa rookie’ or you have practiced this form of yoga for a longer period doesn’t matter. The teacher will give you several options for each pose, which helps you to develop your practice in your own tempo.

• Use the music and your breath to find your flow

• Work on the alignment and depth of your postures

• Train your mind to stay with your intentions

• Stay inspired by the many sequences this class has to offer

• Room to stay true to yourself and how deep you want to go

• Keep coming back to get more and more acquainted with your own practice


Emily Ledeboer



The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Emily Ledeboer


Emily’s go-getting personality goes hand in hand with her enthusiasm and curiosity. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga at the age of 16. During her studies for Economics Degree, she pursued a teacher’s training in New York. It was there and then that she discovered what depth truly meant and experienced how all aspects of life are connected. To Emily, doing what makes you truly happy follows a conscious lifestyle with conscious choices. Choices that help you to stay on your path and not someone else’s. She loves to combine the conscious yogic lifestyle with the faster pace of the ‘Amsterdam experience’ and her teaching is characterized by a combined flow of depth and lightness. She hands her students tools to stay in the “now” instead of being led by the endless stream of thoughts. Also, never afraid of a good challenge, she loves to take them by the hand and let them explore their boundaries.