Happy Healing Yin Yoga (NL)

May 1
1 time
€ 35.00
16 spots

Energy Healing and Yin Yoga in one class (in Dutch)

Looking for a fast lane to become the best version of yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place!

As there will be an Energy Healer present during this whole class. This is as adding a MULTIPLIER to the below mentioned benefits, all being achieved within the same time as a regular yoga class!

The benefits of a - Healing and Yin Yoga - class for you:

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Calms the mind

• Improves sleep

• Releases stored emotions

• Shifts you to the rest + digest part of the nervous system

• Releases energy blockages

• Increases flow of energy

• Balances internal organs

• Increases circulation, flexibility and joint mobility

• Releases tension in the deep connective tissue and fascia

• Additionally cleans, aligns and balances your internal and external energy system (chakra’s and aura)

This form of Yoga always starts with a meditation using a technique that gets you quickly from your head to your heart, also entering your subconscious level. This part is key as it leads you to a state where you can receive the benefits of this class at the deepest levels possible. From here on, the Yin Yoga part will kick off, including a good dose of positivity.

Our mission

Our mission is to make you feel good, get you, where necessary, more healed and balanced, and let you walk out with a smile that is so contagious that (y)our whole world lights up with it!

About us

Henny and Aaike are both Energy (Aura/Chakra) readers.

Henny is a Meditation facilitator, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher and has met Aaike during her Energy work education and practice. They have shared better and worse during this education for a period of 2 years and naturally partnered up and created Happy Healing Yin Yoga together.

Aaike is an Energy Healer as well with many years of experience and hundreds of people have been healed by her from all over the world. Her client base is very divers ranging from teachers, to entrepreneurs, to corporate executives and public figures.

We can’t wait to meet you in class! Namaste, Henny and Aaike


The price is €35 incl. VAT (The average price for a yoga class is €15 and for a personal healing session €80 -€100).

Refund policy

We don't do refunds but your ticket can be given to friend or sold to someone on the waitinglist. Please email info@thewhitedoorstudio.nl for further questions. In case the workshop is cancelled due to Covid-19 you will receive a full refund.

Dates and times

Day 1
Sat, may 1, 2021 • 15:30 — 17:30


The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Happy Healing Yin Yoga (NL)

16 spots available