Yoga and Ceramics Illustration Day Retreat (EN)

Sep 25
1 time
€ 95.00
16 spots

Connect into your intimate, intuitive creative self.

Yoga + Feasting + Ceramic Illustration.

The invitation

We would like to invite you to a day of play this summer. Starting with an intuitive and warming yoga flow led by White Door teacher Tash, to tune you into your subconscious. Followed by a hearty and delicious late lunch getting to know your fellow creatives. Sasha will then be giving some tips for painting an Italian bisqueware plate (32cm diameter) in her signature colours and style. She'll be talking through some of the basics, to more complex techniques of painting and layering. You can decide to free draw or if you feel more comfortable you can work with tracing your designs on. You'll end the session with your own little slice of magic on a plate which Sasha will then cycle off to the kiln for it's final firing. A lovely way to get creative and relax.

Our day

1.30pm Yoga Flow

2.45pm Lunch

3.30pm Ceramic Illustration Workshop

For who

This is for EVERYONE, we are all creative beings whether you have connected in recently or not. This a wonderful day to explore, question, and create.


Led by Tash Richards– White Door Studio teacher and Lulu Lemon Ambassador, and Sasha Compton - Artist and Ceramic Illustrator, and all round creative.

Ceramic pick-up details

A couple weeks after the workshop your pieces will be ready to collect from the studio. We will send you an update on this post workshop.

Refund policy

We don't do refunds but your ticket can be given to friend or sold to someone on the waitinglist. Please email for further questions

Dates and times

Day 1
Sat, september 25, 2021 • 13:30 — 17:30 GMT+2


The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

Plan your route

Your teacher


Tash Richards


After starting yoga as a healing practice, Tash quickly became inspired by the potential for play within yoga and space for self expression. She found inspiration in wonderful teachers in London, focusing on embodied movement and exploring within your own practice. Her classes follow fluid natural lines and have a dance like quality. Encouraging students to really feel into their own bodies, listen to their own energy and find their own space to explore, whether that’s taking that extra arm balance, or having a long roll around on the floor. She believes yoga is a space for connection not only to yourself but to everyone around you, finding that space not only for movement but for understanding. Fusing her natural love of creativity and her passion for yoga Tash also runs day retreats incorporating both Yoga and Ceramics, and Yoga and Floristry, bringing together like minded curious ones to explore as one.

Yoga and Ceramics Illustration Day Retreat (EN)

16 spots available