Cacao & Moon Ceremony (NL)

Oct 24
1 time
€ 66.00
2 spots

Where the magic of cacao meets the power of the moon and the stars.

Ready for an evening with yourself? 

A deep dive into your inner world to let go and to rediscover what you are dreaming of. The full moon always offers a wonderful opportunity to turn inward and sink deeper into your heart. Honouring and sharing ceremonial cacao is a beautiful guide to your heart's essence and wisdom. Experiencing that when we allow ourselves to slow down, we often receive exactly the answers we are looking for.

We will flow through enjoying sacred cacao, find silence in meditation, insights in guided journaling questions, warmth in recognition, visualize your future and let go of what you don't need any longer in an intentional ritual.

You will receive a special self care gift to take with you on your path and support you in creating a space of love for your hearts intentions.

The ceremony will be in Dutch

rock your world x the cacao circle

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“ Cacao is the consciousness of love”- Walter Quiacain, Mayan Wisdom Keeper


Honouring and celebrating cacao as a sacred drink is an ancient tradition, originating from the Mayans in Mesoamerica.

In the Mayan Cosmovision, Cacao plays a fundamental role : opening pathways to the divine realms, allowing connection to elements and subtle forces. As “food of the gods” cacao enjoyed high value and significance for thousands of years. It was a sign of wealth, power, abundance and fertility. Honoured in rituals, offered to the gods in ceremonies, feasts, burials and sacrifices.

The pure cacao ceremony has been reintroduced in its contemporary and multicultural form not so long ago . As this spirit plant is coming back to support the shift of humanity into the heart space.

Cacao is a seed that stimulates the physical and energetic heart space, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood circulation yet also raising energetical heart frequency through its psychoactive effects. Rich in neurotransmitters like theobromine, anandamide and tryptamine, the stimulant effects of cacao are various. From being a soft, durable energiser to an enhancer for happiness, pleasure and motivation. Cacao is a superfood being highly nutritious containing various minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats. 

A true treat for heart, body & mind.


Britta volgt de roeping van haar hart. Dit bracht haar 4 jaar geleden bij het medicijn van Moeder Cacao, waar ze diepe herinnering vond en begon aan een reis van selflove en care. Daardoor werd ze een space holder voor deze bijzondere planten medicijn, welke in haar ogen hier is om ons opnieuw te verbinden met de natuur, onze innerlijke natuur. Ze opened ruimte om ons opnieuw te verbinden met wie we werkelijk zijn en de courage in ons hart te vinden. Ze heeft een diepe passie voor een authentiek leven dat geworteld is in het hart. Mensen ondersteunen op hun weg naar het hart. Het belichamen van connectiviteit binnen the cacao circle. I @brittawaechter


Hanneke weet alles over de maan en hoe we haar wijsheid in kunnen zetten om onze female powers te vergroten. Tijdens deze speciale avond is het haar missie is om vrouwen te helpen hoe ze die female powers zoals intuïtie, vertraging, rust en vertrouwen in zichzelf kunnen vinden en vergroten. I @peetershanneke


The cacao that will be served is from “the cacao circle”, wildcrafted ceremonial cacao from the land of the Mayas - Guatemala. Grown in the mountain region of Alta Verapaz. The fermented, dried seeds are then processed with so much love by women collectives in San Marcos at the heart of Lake Atitlan. The cacao that will be served will be infused with traditional mayan spices.


- In preparation for this special ceremony it is best to eat only lightly and not to drink too much coffee before

- In case you are pregnant or take any medication please let me know

- Stay hydrated before, during and after the ceremony


We don't do refunds but your ticket can be given to friend or sold to someone on the waiting list. Please email for further questions

Dates and times

Day 1
Sun, october 24, 2021 • 15:00 — 18:00 GMT+2


The White Door Studio

Room: Amsterdam Studio

Visseringstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam

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Britta Waechter


Cacao & Moon Ceremony (NL)

2 spots available